Sunflower Farm At Kingscliff

Tuesday marked the first day of my holiday with family. Approximately a six hour drive to our home town, and destination, we thought it would be a great idea if we made a few stop overs on the way!

We stayed at my Grandma’s night on Monday and little did I know that she lives 20 minutes away from a beautiful sunflower farm, Farm & Co at Kingscliff, NSW.

This was my first time at a sunflower farm and I can 100% confirm that it did not disappoint. There were hundreds of bright yellow, tall sunflowers that you could roam around and take that perfect Instagram photo.

Farm & Co not only had sunflowers, but they grew many types of fruit, veggies and delicious macadamias. They had free range chickens roaming around in a large pen and word on the street is they have a pig. Unfortunately I did not see her/him!

Nonetheless, considering Farm & Co do not have an entry fee, even if they did, it’s important to remember to support farms like these. You could purchase some of their produce or even give them a little tip. It’s places like these where their hard work goes unnoticed, which makes me sad because without our farmers, Australia would be a completely different story.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated about my trip!

Kisses, Selina


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