2017 Overview

Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe that 2017 has gone just like that.

What a crazy, adventurous and rewarding year 2017 was. It was by far my favourite year to date. As it started, I was in Switzerland on my exchange and it sounds crazy to say that was a year ago!

Once I came home, I welcomed some gorgeous new family members, my guinea pigs of course!

Not long after, I began my senior year of high school.

I went on an amazing ecology camp at Stradbroke Island, however we all went home early because of the rainy weather.

Half way through the year, I finished up my captaincy position at school and began to mentor the upcoming captains which was a privilege.

So far, the year had been great, however, when August rolled around I found myself so nervous for the QCS exams and what the rest of the year had instore. The big test came and went and I was so relieved!

Later on in the year, I was able to experience all the exciting senior activities. Formal was definitely my favourite!

Following formal, I went on the theme park excursion which was held at Dreamworld, and the next day I graduated high school.

A few weeks later, I was celebrating with my bestest of friends at Moreton Island, which is always a fab time!

A few days before Christmas I discovered that I had been accepted into my dream course of forensic science at my preferred university. I was absolutely ecstatic – I’m sure you can imagine! I welcomed another guinea pig into the family and quit my job. So 2018 will be about fresh starts for me.

I hope you had an awesome 2017! if not, I’m 100% positive that 2018 will be good to you. Happy New Year once again!

Kisses, Selina


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