So this week, I’m at one of the most beautiful spots in Queensland. After an hour ferry ride, I arrived at Tangalooma, Moreton Island.

I’m here for 8 days with some of my dearest gal pals ready to celebrate after finishing school! So far, we’ve swam in all 3 pools that the resort has to offer (including a spa)!

I’ve been snorkelling amongst the wrecks and saw different variety of fish. I’ve also been watching the amazing view from my balcony. The apartment is 2.5 stories and is honestly stunning. My apartment overlooks the pier where the dolphin feeding is located (OMG RIGHT?!!!). We can also see the shipwrecks, which is equally as nice.

The only downfall is that the spa bath in the ensuite doesn’t work, along with the oven and the barbeque (at least we have a microwave). This morning I was making pancakes and I accidentally set off the smoke alarm. I was stressed out, I can tell you!!

Now I’m off to a Chinese restaurant called Fire and Stone for dinner! I’ll keep you updated!!

Kisses, Selina


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