Saying Goodbye

17th November 2017 would be the last time I saw myself in my school uniform! It’s a rather bizarre feeling to know that I will have no more 7am classes or sit with my group at our particular ‘spot’, or even talk to my teachers as a high school student again.

I think that it will be impossible to forget my teachers. All different, they had their own unique ways and personalities. All of them were caring and bubbly and that definitely showed in the classroom, especially for my maths teacher. If I had anyone else, I could probably guarantee that I would have given up by now. All of my teachers have shaped my high school experience in some way.

A good teacher can inspire, hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love of learning – Ben Henry.

During the ceremony, there were video clips of fun moments, and sad, from throughout the year. I will be honest it was hard to keep pushing back the tears, but I did nonetheless. I didn’t want everyone seeing me for the last time with red and puffy eyes! Everyone cheered on their friends as they were called up for the very last time. I gave a speech, along with my co-captains and it was very sweet. Everyone received a little package and mine contained a card with nice comments from people in my class, I was amazed once I read them all. I still cannot believe that it’s all over.

Although it’s a little bit upsetting, my high school journey is over and a new chapter in my life begins. Everyone has so much potential and nobody knows what the future holds! Ten years from now… I can’t even begin to imagine how different everyone’s lives will be! The future is in our hands and I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring!

Congratulations to the class of 2017!

Kisses, Selina



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