Senior Formal

After years of waiting, the day had finally arrived – senior formal! Each November I would look to the older grades for inspiration on dresses, hair, makeup, shoes and everything in between, and it was finally my turn.

I’d always planned on wearing a pastel pink dress, my favourite colour. When I tried the colour on, I discovered that it completely washed me out. What a bummer! I ended up wearing this absolutely gorgeous grey Mori Lee gown. It’s a halter with stunning detailing and tulle skirt. It was absolutely perfect! …However, I ordered it online from a bridal store in Sydney (risky, I know), but I did my research and the site checked out. I tried the same dress on in a store in the city to figure out which size I was. 16 weeks of waiting, it finally arrived and behold, it was too small! It turns out that I ordered a US 8, not a UK 8 (it could have been the other way around, but I can’t remember). Nevertheless, it was only one size too small and after frequent gym sessions and lots of salads, it was the perfect fit for the night.

Next was the makeup. I decided to get my makeup done at the one and only Sephora which turned out really well and it was redeemable on products! I was after a more of a natural look (for glam makeup anyway!) and I wasn’t exactly impressed with my trial if I’m being 100% honest. Don’t get me wrong, it was still very pretty, it just wasn’t what I had asked for. Typically being a rather shy person, I didn’t want to critique all of the makeup artist’s work on the day of formal, however, I knew that it needed to be done. Once I walked in the store, I was told that my original makeup artist was at home because she was sick. Initially I was a tad worried, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise because it turned out better than I could have imagined!

Edit: false eyelashes were so tricky to apply! My eyes would NOT stop watering which caused the glue not to work and 3 failed attempts ahaha!

While getting ready on the night, I was listening to High School’s Musical ‘A Night to Remember’ on repeat. I had butterflies because I was so excited and it was one of the best nights of my life! My formal was held at the GABBA, so we had full views of the cricket grounds which was unique to say the least. The only negative thing about the night was the food (it was okay) and my sore feet. A few of my friends and I pledged that we wouldn’t take off our heels, and the struggle was real. Between all of the photos and the dancing – it was incredible! Everyone was just having a ball and the atmosphere was truly the greatest.

Kisses, Selina


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