Sunflower Farm At Kingscliff

Tuesday marked the first day of my holiday with family. Approximately a six hour drive to our home town, and destination, we thought it would be a great idea if we made a few stop overs on the way!

We stayed at my Grandma’s night on Monday and little did I know that she lives 20 minutes away from a beautiful sunflower farm, Farm & Co at Kingscliff, NSW.

This was my first time at a sunflower farm and I can 100% confirm that it did not disappoint. There were hundreds of bright yellow, tall sunflowers that you could roam around and take that perfect Instagram photo. 

Farm & Co not only had sunflowers, but they grew many types of fruit, veggies and delicious macadamias. They had free range chickens roaming around in a large pen and word on the street is they have a pig. Unfortunately I did not see her/him! 

Nonetheless, considering Farm & Co do not have an entry fee, even if they did, it’s important to remember to support farms like these. You could purchase some of their produce or even give them a little tip. It’s places like these where their hard work goes unnoticed, which makes me sad because without our farmers, Australia would be a completely different story.

 I’ll be sure to keep you updated about my trip!

Kisses, Selina


New Years happens to be one of my favourite holidays of the year. Why? It’s not because it’s an excuse to get dressed up or party, but rather the hope.

If you strip down all of the resolutions and goals, all that’s left is the prospect of what can be achieved. There’s so much potential and I love the good energy, it’s so refreshing.

In 2018, I will (hopefully) become a much better cook, read at least 1 book a month, learn to play the piano and maintain a healthy lifestyle all year long. Oh and also to stop procrastinating, however, I say that every year with very little success.

Motivation is key! Getting up in the morning and starting off the day in the right way, it could make all of the difference. All it takes is a little hustle and we can achieve our goals! Remember, motivation is key!

I have a very good feeling about 2018. Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how – it’s my intuition. Hopefully it will bring nothing but joy and happiness to you!

Kisses, Selina

P.s you can download this gorgeous calendar for free here.

2017 Overview

Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe that 2017 has gone just like that.

What a crazy, adventurous and rewarding year 2017 was. It was by far my favourite year to date. As it started, I was in Switzerland on my exchange and it sounds crazy to say that was a year ago!

Once I came home, I welcomed some gorgeous new family members, my guinea pigs of course!

Not long after, I began my senior year of high school.

I went on an amazing ecology camp at Stradbroke Island, however we all went home early because of the rainy weather.

Half way through the year, I finished up my captaincy position at school and began to mentor the upcoming captains which was a privilege.

So far, the year had been great, however, when August rolled around I found myself so nervous for the QCS exams and what the rest of the year had instore. The big test came and went and I was so relieved!

Later on in the year, I was able to experience all the exciting senior activities. Formal was definitely my favourite!

Following formal, I went on the theme park excursion which was held at Dreamworld, and the next day I graduated high school.

A few weeks later, I was celebrating with my bestest of friends at Moreton Island, which is always a fab time!

A few days before Christmas I discovered that I had been accepted into my dream course of forensic science at my preferred university. I was absolutely ecstatic – I’m sure you can imagine! I welcomed another guinea pig into the family and quit my job.  So 2018 will be about fresh starts for me.

I hope you had an awesome 2017! if not, I’m 100% positive that 2018 will be good to you. Happy New Year once again!


Kisses, Selina

My Favourite Christmas Songs

Seeing that it’s December, I decided to share a list of my favourite Christmas songs ever! I lurrve Christmas, so songs and little jingles get me in the Christmas spirit as soon as they start to play.

1. My Only Wish (This Year) – Britney Spears

2. 8 Days Of Christmas – Destiny’s Child

3. Opera Of The Bells – Destiny’s Child

4. Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

5. 100 Degrees – Kylie Minogue, Danii Minogue (side note – This is the best disco Christams song I have ever heard!)

6. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

7. Run Run Rudolph – Kelly Clarkson

8. Wrapped In Red – Kelly Clarkson

9. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

10. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Christina Aguilera

11. Last Christmas – Ashley Tisdale

12. Joy To The World – Aly & AJ

13. Wonderful Christmastime – The Shins

14. Santa Clause Is Coming To Town – Jackson 5

15. Jingle Bell Rock – Glee

16. Jingle Bells – Glee

17. White Christmas – Michael Bublé, Shania Twain

18. You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch – A.Hague

19. Where Are You Christmas – Cindy Lou Who

20. Welcome, Christmas – The Grinch Soundtrack

And that’s a list of my favourite Christmas Songs. More holiday posts are on their way!

Kisses, Selina

Beach Lookbook

I’m loving every second at Tangalooma so far, so I thought I would put together a little lookbook for you guys.

These outfits are perfect for a walk along the beach while watching the waves crash, going out for dinner or even watching the sunset. Personally, I think that a floppy hat just screams BEACH TRIP!

This super chic dress can be found here.

This super fun playsuit can be found here.

This has been my favourite look for my trip so far! This pastel pink floral jumpsuit can be found here.

Both of these pieces have been discontinued, but they are from Valley Girl. A similar top can be found here.

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you like these girly beach outfits!

Kisses, Selina


So this week, I’m at one of the most beautiful spots in Queensland. After an hour ferry ride, I arrived at Tangalooma, Moreton Island.

I’m here for 8 days with some of my dearest gal pals ready to celebrate after finishing school! So far, we’ve swam in all 3 pools that the resort has to offer (including a spa)!

I’ve been snorkelling amongst the wrecks and saw different variety of fish. I’ve also been watching the amazing view from my balcony. The apartment is 2.5 stories and is honestly stunning. My apartment overlooks the pier where the dolphin feeding is located (OMG RIGHT?!!!). We can also see the shipwrecks, which is equally as nice.

The only downfall is that the spa bath in the ensuite doesn’t work, along with the oven and the barbeque (at least we have a microwave). This morning I was making pancakes and I accidentally set off the smoke alarm. I was stressed out, I can tell you!!

Now I’m off to a Chinese restaurant called Fire and Stone for dinner! I’ll keep you updated!!

Kisses, Selina





Saying Goodbye

17th November 2017 would be the last time I saw myself in my school uniform! It’s a rather bizarre feeling to know that I will have no more 7am classes or sit with my group at our particular ‘spot’, or even talk to my teachers as a high school student again.

I think that it will be impossible to forget my teachers. All different, they had their own unique ways and personalities. All of them were caring and bubbly and that definitely showed in the classroom, especially for my maths teacher. If I had anyone else, I could probably guarantee that I would have given up by now. All of my teachers have shaped my high school experience in some way.

A good teacher can inspire, hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love of learning – Ben Henry.

During the ceremony, there were video clips of fun moments, and sad, from throughout the year. I will be honest it was hard to keep pushing back the tears, but I did nonetheless. I didn’t want everyone seeing me for the last time with red and puffy eyes! Everyone cheered on their friends as they were called up for the very last time. I gave a speech, along with my co-captains and it was very sweet. Everyone received a little package and mine contained a card with nice comments from people in my class, I was amazed once I read them all. I still cannot believe that it’s all over.

Although it’s a little bit upsetting, my high school journey is over and a new chapter in my life begins. Everyone has so much potential and nobody knows what the future holds! Ten years from now… I can’t even begin to imagine how different everyone’s lives will be! The future is in our hands and I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring!

Congratulations to the class of 2017!

Kisses, Selina